Perot and Reform Party Activist Studies

Principal Investigators
Walter J. Stone, University of California, Davis
Ronald B. Rapoport, College of William and Mary

Below are summaries of three reports that have been sent to respondents participating in the survey.  The "1992 Presidential Selection Study Results" describes the sample of 1992 callers to the Perot 1-800 telephone number in terms of issue positions, prior activity, and activity in the 1992 campaign, both during the spring and fall portions of the campaign.  The "1994 Party Leadership Survey: The Congressional Elections" focuses on the 1994 U.S. Congressional elections and the role of 1992 callers to the Perot 1-800 telephone number and of 1992 Republican and Democratic caucus participants in the Republican victory.  the "1996 Party Leadership and Presidential Survey Results" looks at the long-term prospects of the Reform Party by comparing samples of contributors to the Reform Party with contributors to the Democratic and Republican parties.

In addition to the reports to respondents, data and codebooks for the 1992 panel study of potential Perot supporters/activists are available for downloading.  The publicly available dataset contains nomination and November election waves in 1992.  Additional survey were taken in 1994 and 1996.  Summary results from these panel waves are available in the reports to respondents.

Working Project Papers

Reports to Respondents Codebook Note: The codebook can be viewed with the browser and contains frequency distributions for all variables contained in the dataset.


Note: The data are in SPSS format.  The files are compressed using WinZip on the PC.

The data and codebooks are also available through the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research as ICPSR Study #2809.